Answers to the Hippo Quiz are here

Congratulations to the Forbes family who won the Hippo Quiz with six correct answers out of seven. The answers are below:

Hippo Quiz - Answers

The correct answers to the hippo quiz at the Greening Thatcham launch are highlighted below:
     1.An adult male hippo can weigh as much as
            A)   8000kg
            B)    3200kg
         C)   4700kg

      2. A hippo can hold its breath for
  5 minutes
           B)   10 minutes
        C)      2.5 minutes

      3. Hippos are the second largest land animal in the world

          A)  True

            B)    False (third largest after elephants and some rhinos)

      4. Hippos mainly eat

         A)    Meat
         B)    Fish

     5.  The name Hippopotamus comes from two Greek words that
        A)    River horse
        B)    Water cow

        C)    Huge creature

     6.    If you put a ‘hippo’ water saver in your toilet
how much water can you save per flush?
        A)    1 litre

        B)    2 litres

        C)    Over 2.5 litres
     7. If every toilet in Thatcham fitted a water- saving device
how much water could be saved in a year?
          A)     10 million litres
        B )   
35 million litres
        C)     25 million litres