What will the Greening Thatcham Campaign do?

The campaign will have 4 phases:
    1.      Engaging the community
    2.      Addressing sustainable living as a community
             via local projects
    3.      Adaptation (research and develop solutions to climate
             change that are specific to our town)
    4.      New Start.

Phase 1was carried out in the summer of 2010. A public meeting in November 2009 chose 8 simple activities that people can carry out in their homes to conserve energy and natural resources. We call them the "challenges". They were written on an A5 card that was put through every letterbox in the town. Each household was asked to display the card in the window of their home when they had completed, or were doing, 5 of the 8 challenges. Cards displayed were then counted.  The total result was 217 cards counted which translates to CO2 savings of 145,07 kg, water saving of 221,751 litres and a financial saving of £26,928.

Well done to everyone who took part, and especially to all the volunteers.The Greening Thatcham project will now enter Phase2, so look out for further announcements.