Who is organising the Greening Thatcham campaign?

The Greening Thatcham campaign is run entirely by volunteers who live in the town. It is supported by Thatcham Town Council and West Berks Council and by local schools, churches, and other associations.  It was launched formally on 15th May 2010. The campaign meets one of the key objectives of the Thatcham Vision Project.
To date the volunteers have mainly been members of the local climate change group Thatcham Good Life but as we move to Phase 2 more volunteers will be needed for specific tasks.  The nature of the campaign is as much to encourage local people to get involved and working with each other as it is to reduce CO2 emissions. Now that Phase 1 is complete we would like to hear from local people on what local projects we might carry out, or whether we should focus on education and learning about climate change.  If you have a view we would love to hear from you. Please contact us here.