What is the Greening Thatcham campaign?

Welcome to the Greening Thatcham website.  The website supports the campaign in Thatcham, Berkshire, UK, that was launched on 15th May 2010. See the photo gallery for pictures taken on the day.

The Greening Thatcham campaign is one of over 140 similar campaigns in villages and towns in the south of England that have followed principles and procedures developed by The Greening Campaign (http://www.greening-campaign.co.uk/About.html).
What Is The Greening Campaign?

The Greening Campaign was set up in response to the threat of global warming. It is an innovative idea to help motivate people to reduce their energy consumption and therefore lower their personal and community carbon footprint. The campaign is the brain child of Terena Plowright, who is a resident of Petersfield and who wanted to make a difference. The campaign was so successful it was taken up by several other local communities. It is now operating across the South East region, with enquires coming from across the country.

The Greening Campaign is fun, structured, and makes fighting climate change visible in the community.

The Greening Campaign joins individuals, groups, councils, schools and government together in a joint programme that is simple and very effective.  You cannot do this in isolation – walk the talk!!